Programs & Awards - The Bioscreen Environmental Awards

Bioscreen Environmental Award for the most outstanding accomplishment

Every year, a prize is awarded to a female with the most outstanding achievement in environmental protection work by the Foundation. Her work should be unique and have a positive impact on the environment.

If you would like to be considered or would like to nominate anyone who deserves our recognition for her outstanding involvement in environmental conservation, please register with us through e-mail or post. In your nomination, please describe the nominee's work in detail and provide supporting proof. The Award will be conferred at the beginning of each year.

Bioscreen Environmental Award for Music

Not only can music soothes one's mind, it is also an effective way of communication. A catchy tune with meaningful lyrics can easily stay in people's hearts for a long time. By running this competition, we hope to spread the message of environmental protection through the effective tool of music.

The content of the entry song should revolve around the topic of environment and serve to enhance the people's concept about environmental issues. Please record your song onto a cassette tape or mini-disc and post it to the Foundation.

Bioscreen Environment Award for Art

Visual impact is also an effective means of communication. The message of environmental protection can be relayed through visual art. The Foundation encourages everyone to express their ideas on environmental conversation through pictures, which people can appreciate with their naked eyes.

While the content of the entry must be on the topic of environment, strict rules do not apply in this competition, thus allowing artists to approach environmental issues in a free and creative manner.

To enter the competition, please send us your entry (can be more than one picture) along with personal details. Chosen work will be displayed in the Foundation exhibitions.

Bioscreen Environmental Award for Waste Recycling

Among the tons and tons of waste we create daily, most materials can be recycled and become useful again. Sadly however, this fact is often overlooked. For this reason, the Foundation seeks to recognize individuals who display creative ways of waste recycling through this award.